Mittwoch, 18. März 2009

Arrays done

This was the most complex task I worked on to get a feature I liked to have and I was sure it will be needed. Now an Array of up to 4x16 Buttons (or other objects) can be easily put into a form, only a few clicks needed, every one of these starts the same program module when clicked on it.

The click-started program module gets the information which button it was by reading the value Control#, it gets back the number of the object for identification.

I thought it took me longer than a week, but looking back on my own blog, it seems to be I just started on Monday. Looks really fast that way. It's a good thing to have a blog and therefore the written knowledge what work has been done. Marvelous!

Now I need a break. The next step will be an easy to use I/O-Interface to the Win32Forth Operating System.

So long!

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