Samstag, 7. März 2009

One-Click Turnkey / Exe-File Generation

Forth is the basis of visualFORTH, Forth makes it possible, that I am able to finish visualFORTH.
Forth is not only an Operating System and a Programming Language, it is a Database System, too, to better describe it, it is a Knowledge System.
This Database / Knowledge System is very humble called a Vocabulary, residing in a Dictionary.
This Vocabulary holds all Forth Commands, called Words.
These Words are Modules of incremental programming, and these Words together make the whole Program, Modules of a structured Program, and each Forth Word / Module may be used as a single separate Program, for testing purposes or for diversity.

This Vocabulary - there may be even several Vocabularies, each for a special context - has all the knowledge needed to generate a Turnkey-Version, a ready to use Version the user of the completed program finally gets. So a "Wizard" to magically put together an Exe-File is not needed, even if it looks like this process is done by a Wizard. It only needs some "magic" Words to generate. The building of an Exe-File shows the advantage of a program with graphical control elements: while with textual programming several words, depending on the context, would be necessary, with the use of graphical control elements all the needed program modules are at hand inside, because the context is given by the graphical Form.
A One-Click Turnkey / Exe-File Generation is possible.

Today I worked on this One-Click Turnkey / Exe-File Generation, looking up the "magic words" and trying to find out how to do it. Even if all the needed knowledge is inside, with textual programming the programmer has to have knowledge what to use, and it is possible to find it by searching the source. With visualFORTH this knowledge is not needed anymore, it is build in.
So I found these "magic words" and laid down the foundation for a One-Click Turnkey / Exe-File Generation.
Now I have to add a new pushbutton to the Tool-Menu, the Turnkey pushbutton.
Have a nice Weekend!

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