Montag, 16. März 2009

Steps forward in Button-Arrays

A new week again. First tests of the visualFORTH Alpha-Version have been done by our Alpha-Tester, and first experiences have been made. As usual, things happen which never happened when I was working with it, but I could immediately make an update. It is so easy, if the files to update are in the same Folder structure than all files of the Application, then with a simple copy-paste action all Files find their right place. I appreciate that Microsoft has done a great work to accomplish this. It is real great for updating, patching, and synchronizing. If these Update-Patches are done in chronological order, everything will be okay. And so it was.

Today I worked on Button-Arrays. I solved the problem of crashes when the array was more than 4x6 - I had to recognize that I used local variable definitions on places they do not belong.

After removing the obsolete dangerous definitions, it worked without crash. Some corrections I had to make depending on the size of the array, and I decided to stop working on this and to restrict arrays to a maximum size of 4x16, I think this is enough for the Beta-Version, range extensions will follow later.

The next step will be to make it possible to do the same action with each Array-Button, and delivering the Array-Button Number to the executing program.

Up to now I extracted the number, works fine, and tomorrow the remaining part will follow. Then I have to look for packaging.

See ya!

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